William and Susan July 22, 2015 11:11

What a happy day at the Dali Museum in St Petersburg FL.  Standing before the Lincoln mixed-media piece on the 3rd floor, these two were wed with their children and other museum patrons as their enthusiastic witnesses!  Even a pushy security guard couldn’t dampen the mood.   The groom was attired in a “zipper” jacket which spelled out “IV” on the front and “E”(ver) on the back.  True Dali style!!

IMG_0441-300x225 IMG_0442-300x225 IMG_0440-300x225 IMG_0434-225x300 IMG_0433-225x300 IMG_0426-225x300 IMG_0428-300x225 IMG_0427-225x300 IMG_0429-300x225 IMG_0431-300x225 IMG_0438-300x225 IMG_0436-300x225 IMG_0435-300x225 IMG_0421-300x225 IMG_0418-225x300 IMG_0414-225x300

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