Romantic Unique Weddings

A little bit about me.

Romantic Unique Weddings in Venice, Florida and Long Beach, NY

For the last twenty five years of my life, I have spiritually influenced many individuals to look inside and see how differently the human heart beats when it finds its mate.    I will create a place of ease and grace while you look into the eyes of your beloved and say your vows.   I am an Interfaith Minister/Wedding Officiant ordained at the Riverside Church in New York City. Through the past eight years I have officiated weddings on the East Coast of the USA and in Canada.

When you select me to officiate, we begin a dialog that will evolve over weeks or months leading up to your wedding.  I will encourage you to share stories and I will ask you to delve deep into your hearts to reveal why you picked your mate.   You will receive so much more than just an officiant to legitimize your union.   Not only will I prepare a unique, personalized marriage ceremony, which includes advising you in regards to elements of the ceremony such as readings, songs, rituals and traditions. Thru a special formula, I will guide you in preparing your very own personal vows of commitment.   This is the time for you to rejoice in your love.   It’s your day!  Lets make a memory you will enjoy for life.

By the time your very special day arrives, you and everyone who witnesses your wedding ceremony will see a reflection of the true light of who you are, as individuals and as a couple, and what your marriage vows mean to you.

Grant me the honor of guiding you thru this process and we will write a romantic manuscript of your love story.

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